Trading and Bartering


1 common herb= 2 cp

1 common spell herbs= 10sp

1 common pelt= 5cp per pound

1 common trophy( hand, horn, eye) = 5 cp per pound

1 common food item= 2 cp

1 basic room and board= 1 gp per night. 



Prices for higher grade matierials: (unless otherwise stated) 

Uncommon= common price x2

Rare= uncommon price x4

Mythic= rare price x20

(Mythic quality items and resources are extremely rare or 1 of) 


Common: common price ×10, uncommon: uncomm. price x10, rare: rare price x10, Mythic: mythic price x10



Prices and people's reactions to you vary when you have various levels of notoriety. 

Level 1: price mark up 40% 

Level 2: price mark up 80%. most shops will not sell to you.

Level 3: price mark up 90%. must find fences to sell or trade at. gain access to black market. 10% discount at blackmarket.

Level 4: price mark up 200%. will call guards if seen or attack. 50% discount at blackmarket. Fame in blackmarket increased to 2. see Fame level 2 for bonuses. 



Same as notoriety, but with positive actions. everyone starts with fame 0.

Level 1: 10% discount. people smile at you and talk more to you. people start to remember your face. 

Level 2: 30% discount. people go out of their way to greet you and shake your hand. people easily recognize  you in a crowd.

Level 3: 50% discount. people line in the street to see you and offer thanks. often offered a position of power or prestige. have at least a painting in your honor and a few ballads sung.

Level 4: 75% discount. people practically give their lives to be near you. free items are given in hopes of your favor. often viewed as a herald / poster child of the people or a cause. 

Trading and Bartering

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